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How to optimize Page Speed Prestashop

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27 Oct 2017

Page Speed affects the Conversion Rate The load time of a website can affect its conversion rate, which is an important statistic for e-commerce. Long load times not only cause frustration and dissatisfaction in visitors but more likely potential customers will abort and leave to buy from another supplier. Amazon, an e-commerce giant, has calculated that ... read more


How to Seo with PrestaShop 1.7

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14 Jun 2017

Why your online store is not ranked high by google search? And so your online store only appears on the 20th page of Google results ? It’s not the end of the world if you follow our 4 tips. You’ll soon see your e-store move into pole position ! How to Seo with PrestaShop 1.7: 1.Optimize your tags Tags are bits of text present in the html code which ar ... read more

Why create a marketplace?

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10 Jun 2017

Creating a marketplace is the latest trend and is now within the reach of all. No need to spend thousands to get started, or to fork over a part of your revenue each month. Inexpensive modules let you transform your PrestaShop store into a true marketplace. We’ll tell you all there is to know! Why create a marketplace? A marketplace is different from ... read more

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