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How to manually upgrade your PrestaShop 1.6 PrestaShop 1.7

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28 Aug 2018

How to manually upgrade your prestashop 1.6, prestashop 1.7 to the latest version, it’s recommended to use the “One-click upgrade” module, but in some cases, the module can’t get your prestashop site upgraded, when that happens you can follow this guide to upgrade your prestashop site manually. Here is an official tutorial for PrestaShop 1.6 Man ... read more

Wishlist module for PrestaShop 1.7.1

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20 Jun 2017

What's wishlist module ? This module allows your customers to create and manage wish lists of products in your shop. The module allows you to display the wishlist block on the top of page.  When you are wondering to save your favourite products, this is a useful tool for customers when shopping. With the choice of designs and product diversity, customers c ... read more


How to Seo with PrestaShop 1.7

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14 Jun 2017

Why your online store is not ranked high by google search? And so your online store only appears on the 20th page of Google results ? It’s not the end of the world if you follow our 4 tips. You’ll soon see your e-store move into pole position ! How to Seo with PrestaShop 1.7: 1.Optimize your tags Tags are bits of text present in the html code which ar ... read more


PrestaShop is now available

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12 Jun 2017

A few months ago we introduced you to PrestaShop 1.7, a major release that featured big improvements to the user experience

Why create a marketplace?

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10 Jun 2017

Creating a marketplace is the latest trend and is now within the reach of all. No need to spend thousands to get started, or to fork over a part of your revenue each month. Inexpensive modules let you transform your PrestaShop store into a true marketplace. We’ll tell you all there is to know! Why create a marketplace? A marketplace is different from ... read more

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