FAQs about Nuranium Prestashop theme

in Prestashop News on May 5, 2020

1 – How to activate the Visual Composer and Slider Revolution for my purchased theme Nuranium

We bought an Extend Licenses of the module for Nuranium theme users, all users can use the module for free. After installing you would find that the module is non-activated, don’t worry about that, everything would work fine. When the module is updated by the author, we will also update this theme.

2 – Why I have fully configured the vinova login social module but still can’t use it

The social login function only works when your domain is granted an SSL certificate. HTTPS helps keep transmitted information private and helps protect the security of people using your app and Social Login.

3 – Can I use your theme for my different projects ? Because I see your theme provides a lot of homepages.

The answer is no. Each regular license is only used for 1 project / domain, or your partner. If you want to use it for another project please buy more licenses. Please read more of the Regular License here

4 – I cannot use the Compile CSS function. After clicking the “Compile CSS” button I get the message: The server returned a “500 Internal Server Error”.

We receive many requests for this support. After checking, we found that their server configuration is not following with Prestashop’s documentation. You need to change memory_limit = 256MB or preferably = 512MB ( Default server parameter is 128MB )

5 – Can I install the theme without installing sample data?

The answer is no. Sample data includes not only banner images, slideshows, it also includes configuration data for modules, css … etc. Therefore, if you do not install the form data, your website will be broken

6 – Can I use the header / footer that I like to use for any hompage? Is there any modification needed in the code?

It is possible to use the header / footer you like to use for any homepage. You customize easily in Vinova Theme configurator

7 – it is possible to add an extra css page and make it point to the home page in use, without adding css code in the Vinova framework > custom css?

Entirely possible. Please create a custom CSS file, then upload it to the following directory :

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