Why create a marketplace?

Creating a marketplace is the latest trend and is now within the reach of all.

No need to spend thousands to get started, or to fork over a part of your revenue each month. Inexpensive modules let you transform your PrestaShop store into a true marketplace. We’ll tell you all there is to know!

Why create a marketplace?

A marketplace is different from an e-commerce in that you’re not the only seller on your site. Other sellers can offer their products on your marketplace in exchange for a commission paid to you for each item sold (or even subscription fees to sell on your platform). On a marketplace, sellers use an administrative interface to manage their account, products, and customer service.

What mainly attracts e-sellers looking to get started with this business model is the possibility to clear out stocks, inventories, and shipments! Sellers on the marketplace are in charge of preparing and delivering their own products.

Additionally, the marketplace is a way for them to greatly develop their offering by proposing a number of products. There’s no doubt Amazon is number one in this activity, but other reputable e-commerce sites have turned into general marketplaces such as Walmart, CDiscount, FNAC, La Redoute, and others.

Although not an option for everyone, there is a high-potential market segment that is worth giving a shot: targeted “niche” marketplaces. Maybe you’re selling regional or organic products, children’s toys, hair products, discount goods, car parts, or other specialty items. In any case, the more products you offer in your sector, the higher you’ll be in the listings and the more quickly you’ll become a reference for customers and be able to acquire new sellers!

For example, Boxeraglia (Italy) is a marketplace for all things motorcycles:


Another possibility marketplaces offers is a reseller feature for used products such as clothing or furniture. With it, customers can go on to become sellers themselves, as they do on the Belgian site Entre-Copines:



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